The 2018-19 Union Budget is set to transform India

Published with permission Neeraj Bhagat & Co in Mumbai. The Hon'ble Finance Minister of India presented the Union Budget 2018 on 1 February 2018. This year’s Budget was in line with the Government’s mission to transform India by strengthening agriculture, rural development, health, education, employment, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and infrastructure. Government [...]

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Counting the Cost of A Curve Ball

Contributed by Ian Gibson, Hall Chadwick Wealth Advisory Pty Ltd (AFSL 485306). Here’s a confronting question – or two: What would you do if the main breadwinner in your household could no longer bring in an income? Do you have a Plan B? Most people don’t. That’s where insurance comes in. Curve Balls They’re [...]

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Corporate Advisor Summer 2018

In the 2018 Summer issue of Corporate Advisor, we explain 14 financial-reporting, regulatory, and corporate-governance topics to inform and help CFOs and directors. We’re focusing mainly on regulatory issues that affect the preparation of 31 December reports – ASIC targets and its latest surveillance results. There are no significant new accounting standards that require [...]

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How Well Protected Is Your Business?

Contributed by Ian Gibson of Hall Chadwick Wealth Advisory Pty Ltd (AFSL 495306) Business Insurance is often overlooked by business owners due to a lack of understanding of what is available. If you’re like many business owners you have already insured the physical assets of your business from theft, fire and damage. BUT, have [...]

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Tax Time Monthly December 2017

In this December edition of Hall Chadwick's Tax Time Monthly we look at: law to limit on deductions for travel and depreciation on residential properties is now in place employers with 20 or more employees to report salaries and wages to ATO via Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2018 legislation now in draft for purchasers [...]

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Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws come into play February 2018

Contributed by Brian Hay, Cultural Cyber Security What does this mean? That from 23 February 2018 you are obliged by law to report to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and any potentially affected individuals of an "eligible data breach". Who does this effect? Generally, if your organisation generates a revenue of more [...]

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The Bullet Proof Jacket Act

Personal Property Security Act. Get it right and it may save your business. Get it wrong and it could be the end. Dramatic yes but that is the reality of this newsletter and we implore all business clients to sign off on their business’ understanding and implementation of the Personal Property Security Act (colloquially [...]

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Hall Chadwick Association Newsletter: Summer 2017

We are pleased to welcome everyone to the Summer issue of the Hall Chadwick Association Newsletter. Brendan Vaughan, outgoing Chairman of the Hall Chadwick Association, writes in his foreword about finding the balance between work goals and life goals when directing an accounting practice, managing staff and the expectations of clients. [...]

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HCM News Summer Edition 2017

Welcome to the final edition of HCM News for 2017. In this Summer edition we look at important updates and proposed changes to individual, business and superannuation tax legislation. Rigby Cooke Lawyers are guest contributors and provide insight on how to deal with a workplace disciplinary process when it is disrupted by the employee’s absence. [...]

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