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Hall Chadwick Forensics appreciates the pressure that Family Lawyers are under to deliver forensic valuations at an affordable cost. We have re-engineered our approach to small business valuations to meet your expectations without compromising on our high quality standard of service.
For valuations of small businesses in family law matters, we currently offer fixed priced valuations.

We consider Small Business to be:

  • Revenue under $2 million; and
  • Single entity business operation

The following must be provided to commence engagement:

  1. Business financial statements, tax returns and depreciation schedules for the last three financial years.
  2. Spouse’s individual income tax returns for the last three financial years.
  3. Current year to date profit & loss, balance sheet, IAS and BAS returns.
  4. Copies of all market valuations of related property, plant and equipment.
  5. Copies of all relevant corporate documents and business agreements.
  6. Details of remuneration packages taken by all related persons to the business, including superannuation and benefits.
  7. Interview time arranged with the business controller.


Small Business Valuation Service