NAB Group Economics – India Growth Puzzle

The Indian economy has slowed considerably since the first half of 2016. The demonetisation program and the recently-implemented GST legislation were disruptive factors. They, nevertheless, do not account for the slowdown in its entirety. The Indian economy enjoyed windfall gains through lower oil prices, the effect of which has largely been eroded. Looking ahead, [...]

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Proudly hosting leaders from Indian business

This week we proudly hosted the Indo Australian Chamber of Commerce and their 16th Business Mission Delegates in our office in Collins Street. The event brought together leaders from business, industry and government for an evening of networking with around thirty members of the delegation. Delegates on the Business Mission represented outsourcing and BPO [...]

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Tax Time Monthly October 2017

In this month's edition of Tax Time Monthly, Hall Chadwick looks at last month's Bills to limit deduction claims for travel and depreciation on residential properties impose a vacancy fee for foreign owners of residential real estate implement the First Home Super Saver Scheme allow contributions for eligible homeowners over 65. We also look [...]

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