The Federal Government has recently released an alert about a sophisticated and well-designed scam aimed at obtaining banking details from unsuspecting taxpayers.

The alert serves as a timely reminder for you to remain vigilant when sharing sensitive information online or via email.

The scam in question follows the below pattern:

  1. A phishing email claiming to be from Medicare asks you to update your EFT details to allow you to receive Medicare claims
  2. Clicking the link within the email directs you to a replica Medicare website, including myGov and Medicare branding. Note the URL includes ‘.net’ instead of ‘’. Australian Government domains always include the latter
  3. Targets are then required to enter their login details and security questions and answers
  4. You are then taken to a new page where you are asked to input your bank account details.

The Government has issued the following reminders regarding cyber safety:

  • myGov and Medicare will never send you a text, email or attachment with hyperlinks or web addresses
  • exercise caution in opening unexpected messages, especially from unknown senders
  • be wary of suspicious messages that aren’t addressed to you directly
  • any legitimate messages from Medicare will appear on your official myGov account, which can be accessed by typing the web address into your browser
  • if in doubt contact the organisation separately to confirm the message is legitimate.

You are welcome to check-in with our office if you believe you’re in receipt of suspicious correspondence claiming to be from the ATO or any related department.

Refer to Stay Smart Online for Government alerts.