Employers have until 7 September 2020 to self-correct any historical underpayments of super guarantee amounts dating back to 1992 – without penalty.

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Recovering Unpaid Superannuation) Bill 2019 has been enacted.

The amnesty period allows for:

  • Removal of the $20 per employee per quarter administration charge
  • Removal the imposition of General Interest Charge (GIC)
  • Make the payment of superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) income tax-deductible.

Employers remain obliged to compensate the employee on lost earnings resulting from underpayments. The interest rate is 10% on the shortfall amounts.

Not sure if you have shortfalls?

Now is the time to do a review and double-check.

If you have already declared shortfalls

You may be able to ask the ATO for a refund on the administration charge and the GIC.

We’re ready to help. Contact your accounting services director or manager on 03 9820 6400.

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