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Fixed Fee Small Business Valuation for family law matters

A small business valuation by Hall Chadwick Forensics provides lawyers and the clients the confidence and certainty that the valuation is thorough, independent and delivered at a fixed price.

Our engagement will include:

  • Preliminary financial and industry analysis
  • Provision of our list of valuation information requirements
  • Analysis of information provided to understand the underlying performance of the business, its assets and liabilities, risks and opportunities, historical financial performance, financial forecasts and operational reports
  • Provision of matters to be discussed with the business controller
  • Inspection of the business and a meeting with the business controller (where appropriate)
  • Meeting with non-business controller spouse (where appropriate)
  • Request for further information (if any)
  • Finalisation of operational and financial analysis
  • Review industry, comparable businesses, comparable transactions, consideration of valuation methodologies and valuation analysis
  • Formulation of our opinion and preparation of our report
  • Provision of a draft report for factual accuracy review
  • Signing of our opinion upon receipt of factual accuracy confirmation and payment of all invoices.

A ‘small business’ is deemed by Hall Chadwick Forensics to have a turnover not exceeding $3 million per annum; be carried on by a single entity be it a company, trust, partnership or sole trader; and a business controller who will co-operate with the provision of information and documents as requested by us. The fixed price guarantee is offered by registration by a law firm from 1 September 2018. The engagement(s) at fixed priced will be undertaken by Hall Chadwick Forensics between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Hall Chadwick Melbourne Pty Ltd ABN 88 081 186 450.