I have had the good fortune of having been introduced to David & Robert Lissauer about 14 years ago & engaged them as accountants & advisors to my family and our corporate entities.

During that time, I have always found David & Robert to be true professionals. As well-respected accountants & business advisers, together with their professional partners, they conduct their accounting and allied practices in a diligent and unswervingly proper manner, and my experience has shown that they allow no one to compromise their adherence to the strict principles of professional ethics and morality. They are also both extremely bright and talented professionals whose opinion and wise counsel are valued by clients and colleagues alike.

I have no hesitation in recommending the firm for considered and focussed professional advice, and note that both David & Robert aside from their dedicated commitment to their profession, devote an immeasurable amount of time to communal and other causes, always giving 100% of their boundless energy to any matter or issue for which they may be responsible.

David Sherr
MDR Sales International Pty Ltd, Garment & Apparel Importers & Wholesalers