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Commercial litigation often centres on complex financial matters and requires forensic analysis to unravel disputes and undertake detailed investigations. Hall Chadwick Forensics provides litigation support to clients and legal professionals through the development of concise, accurate and authoritative reports which can be used as an expert witness before court, tribunal or mediation proceedings.

Our forensic specialists are experienced in all aspects of commercial litigation support and offer independent and concise evaluations of complex financial issues. We provide business valuations, assessment of economic loss, prepare consequential loss claims and can assist with commercial dispute resolution.

Hall Chadwick Forensics also specialises in investigations and asset tracing, critical analysis of financial statements, forensic audits and fraud investigations. As part of the PrimeGlobal network, Hall Chadwick Forensics is well positioned to provide litigation support and forensic accounting services on a national and international scale.

Our commercial litigation and forensic services include:

  • Valuation services for business, equity, goodwill and intellectual property
  • Investigations and asset tracing
  • Assessment of economic loss and damage under contract and various legislation
  • Consequential loss claim for business interruption insurance claims
  • Provision of expert reports and analysis of other expert reports
  • Disputes involving wills
  • Forensic Expert Witness Services
  • Court appearances
  • Arbitration
  • Financial investigation and investigative accounting
  • Forensic fraud investigations and fraud risk assessments
  • Forensic auditing
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Post-acquisition disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Business studies, including growth capability and working capital requirements
  • Personal injury and loss of dependency assessments
  • Taxation advice on dispute settlements
 To discuss your litigation circumstances with an independent forensic accountant please contact Hall Chadwick Forensics.


Commercial Litigation Forensic Services