Why Hall Chadwick

Our Corporate Finance Advisory Division is a boutique advisory practice offering independent advice to enable informed financial and investment decisions for a business. We work with a broad range of entities, from publicly listed companies to small non-reporting entities, delivering a personalised service focused on adding value to our clients’ business and increasing shareholder wealth.

Acquiring, Financing & Selling Business

Our mission is to assist clients to create sustainable shareholder value through competitive advantage and organisational effectiveness. We achieve this through:

 The development and implementation of business strategies and action plans
 Completing transactions in the most timely and efficient manner
 Being proactively involved in transforming entrepreneurial ventures into substantial businesses
 The development and implementation of marketing, logistics, and other functional strategies
 Creating opportunities for strategic alliances, joint ventures, syndications, acquisitions
 Mergers and acquisition management
 Assisting in the total IPO process.

Our Specialty Areas

We have a wide network of clients and connections with major business houses both in Australia and overseas, which ensures a complete approach to corporate finance. Areas our Corporate Finance Division provides advice to private and public companies include:

 Independent experts reports for takeovers
 Independent accountant’s reports for prospectuses
 Corporate financial management and strategy
 Mergers and acquisitions management and advice
 Operational restructuring and reviews
 Deal development, structuring, and execution
 Capital raisings advice on debt and equity
 Private treaty sales and purchases management.

Key Contact
Mark Bailey

Director Corporate Finance Advisory

Key Contact
Mark Lipson


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