> Statutory, internal & special purpose audits
> Audit review of acquittals & other funding arrangements
> Internal audits & special purpose audits Asia Pacific
> Due diligence reviews
> Liaising with external auditors
> Risk management services
> Grant audits
> Peer Reviews
> Reviews of financial systems & staffing structure

The not-for profit sector operates in a frequently changing regulatory environment and is subject to unique tax and audit regulations. Dependent on turnover, not-for-profit organisations and charities are legally required to be audited or reviewed by a registered company auditor annually. Others need to be audited for reasons specific to a particular organisation.

Hall Chadwick Melbourne undertake audit services in this area, having worked with leading not-for-profit organisations for many years. Hall Chadwick’s specialist auditors can also assist with all relevant compliance, legislation and regulatory issues required. Our team work within Australia and also travel regularly to overseas jurisdictions where our clients have field offices.

To discuss your individual not-for-profit audit requirements please contact Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants Melbourne.


Oxfam Australia has been working with Hall Chadwick Melbourne since May 2005. During this time they have undertaken a number of control audits in Oxfam Australia field offices located in both East and South Asia. It is the quality of the process, the depth of knowledge of the subject matter, the thouroughness of the resulting report and the value this information offers our operations, that continues our relationship with Hall Chadwick Melbourne.

Each engagement has demonstrated a high level of professionalism beginning with thorough preparation. Prior to arriving in our field offices, David Lissauer had undertaken research on the office, its staff compliment, the roles and responsibilities, budget, programs, partners etc. This preparation enabled the audit process to commence immediately and be constructive from the start.

The tone of an audit undertaken by David is one which is focused on obtaining information required, giving honest feedback throughout the process and maintaining a positive attitude toward reaching the objectives of the audit, inclusive of staff and management who are part of the process.

Throughout each audit, the process has been completed within the timeframes required from agreement of the Terms of Reference to delivery of the final report. Communication is open and frequent with commitments upheld.

The ongoing relationship Oxfam Australia has with Hall Chadwick Melbourne offers a consistently high level of service combined with a comprehensive understanding of our operations and ways of working that continues to benefit Oxfam Australia and in turn the level of service and commitment we offer our partner organisations. I would certainly recommend Hall Chadwick Melbourne.

Mark Clisby

Director Operations, Oxfam Australia