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Navigating a settlement is often a complicated and ambiguous process, especially for the client. Of particular discomfort is the uncertainty; a lack of clarity about a position at any given point in time. Xpedite by Hall Chadwick Forensics can help.

After inputting certain known and assumed values outlined in a claim, Xpedite then produces range of potential settlement outcomes, and their relative appeal. By doing so, the tool provides a benchmark against which an offer or counter-offer may be evaluated.

With this tool you can:

  • Reduce the stress and anxiety of your client
  • Empower your client to provide more informed instruction
  • Reach a mutually acceptable outcome more efficiently
  • Have a clear benchmark against which your position can be compared
  • Record a settlement agreement and add it as a file note
  • Continuously modify your position including updating claim values and outcome probabilities as necessary and with no limit
  • Print, save, share and compare positions continually and with no limitations throughout the process

Your confidence is assured

Each firm will be granted a login. No matter created by the system can be accessed from outside that account, nor without the unique code. No client details are attached to any matter, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality. Once a matter is finalised it can be deleted permanently from the system.

Xpedite. Settle for nothing less.