> Due diligence

> Feasibility studies for projects, investments, international M&A

> Cost-benefit analysis

> Internal control reviews of international acquisitions, mergers & divestments

> Business advisory on the structuring of transactions

> Valuation & transactional services

> Project funding applications

> International accounting, tax & business structuring

> Bid support or defence

> Capital market transaction

International projects, investments, mergers and acquisitions can add significant value to a business, but determining the feasibility of the venture prior to execution is essential. The business intelligence specialists at Hall Chadwick Melbourne have considerable experience preparing feasibility studies which help decision makers assess the implications of proposed ventures.

Our in-depth analysis will examine the potential impact of the proposed project, identify the financial, technical, administrative and operational functions required for successful execution and provide an assessment of cost-benefit factors. A Hall Chadwick Vision and Feasibility Assessment will also identify alternatives, opportunities and threats. This comprehensive analysis is a key tool for determining the feasibility and potential to successfully implement the project.

To discuss your position with an international business consultant, please contact Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants Melbourne.