> Business advisory & strategy
> Budgeting & forecasting
> Cash flow forecasting & advice
> Bookkeeping, payroll & business services
> Tax planning & compliance
> Audit & due diligence
> International expansion
> Risk management
> Capital raising
> Financial management reporting
> Valuation & transactional services
> Bank financing & capital raising
> Convergence, mergers & acquisition

The technology sector is a vital industry essential to all aspects of our modern lives.  It encompasses hardware, software, electronics, research and development, data management and a wide range of service and support offerings.

Strong competition and the fast-paced nature of this industry demands businesses adapt and innovate in order to thrive. Hall Chadwick Melbourne can assist IT and technology clients to address complex business issues and deliver strategic objectives.  With an experienced team we provide advisory, assurance, taxation and international accounting solutions for the IT industry.

Our professionals use their in-depth industry knowledge to evaluate opportunities and risks presented by convergence, mergers and acquisitions, international expansion and access to capital.  With the support of a leading global association and a progressive approach, Hall Chadwick Melbourne will navigate this complex industry environment to deliver long term value to your business.

To discuss your specific business requirements with an accountant experienced in the IT industry, please contact Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants Melbourne.