Jian (Buck) Xiao
Director Taxation

Director of Taxation at Hall Chadwick since 2017 Buck Xiao (肖健) is a chartered tax advisor. Specialising in the areas of Australian and US federal tax, Victorian duty, tax advocacy, GAAR panel preparation, and test case submissions, Buck is one of the most sought after consultants for complex dispute and taxation matters. He is fluent in both English and Mandarin, allowing him to effectively service a broader range of clients within Australia, on both domestic and foreign tax advice.

With a Master’s degree in Taxation and Commercial Law from Monash University, Buck was the Director of Taxation at Sothertons, prior to their merger with Hall Chadwick, where he retained his directorship role.

Buck’s most significant professional achievements include appearing twice on the GAAR Panel, as a member of a team led by eminent Queen’s counsels, supporting and instructing counsels to challenge the Commissioner’s view on UPE at recent AAT case, and successfully obtaining test case funding for a Part IVA case. Moreover, his taxation advice has facilitated large deductions in preference shares under Hybrid Mismatch rule, as well as reducing an initial $40 million dollar Division 7A to nil. Buck’s specialty in US taxation also saw his expertise agreed upon and endorsed by US tax specialists abroad.

Motivated to share his knowledge with other taxation accounting specialists, Buck is the leading author of two published articles in the Australian Tax Review and The Tax Specialist – “Deducting hybrid mismatch rules – fit for purpose?” with Anna Bullimore, and “The ‘matching principle’ – a coherent framework to understand Division 7A”, with Robert Lissauer.

Buck is driven by his passion for solving complex business challenges with articulate taxation solutions, and continues to deliver strong, positive results for all of his clients.

Jian Buck Xiao
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  Buck Xiao
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Professional Qualifications
  • Masters of Taxation (Monash)
  • Masters of Commercial Law (Monash)
  • Bachelor of Accounting (Victoria)
Service & Industry Specialisations
  • Local Tax
  • International Tax
  • Tax Advocacy
  • Tax Compliance
  • Structuring
  • Jurisdictional Tax
  • GAAR panel preparation
  • Test Case Submissions