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Hall Chadwick Forensics services encompass the common issues for disputes involving wills, probates and deceased estates.

Our team is engaged by lawyers to investigate the true financial position of situations subject to dispute. The findings of our investigation is delivered as evidence for Testator Family Applications, allegations against Executors involving their administration of deceased estates and valuations of private company shares and other assets for probate purposes.

In the case of an application for Testator Family Maintenance, we are engaged to properly investigate, review and report the Applicant’s financial circumstances.  This will involve:

  • Assessing the applicant’s earning capacity now and in the foreseeable future;
  • A proper accounting of any prior benefits given to an applicant by the deceased; and
  • The financial circumstances of other beneficiaries under the Will are properly reviewed and reported.

The results and findings of our independent forensic investigation will form a detailed report compliant with the Supreme Court Rules.

For allegations of mal-administration against executors brought by beneficiaries under a Will, our team are engaged to:

  • Trace all entries recorded against the Corpus General Account; and
  • Trace receipts and outgoings recorded against the Income Account.

The results and findings of our independent forensic investigation of the Administration Account will form part of a detailed report compliant with the Supreme Court Rules.

In a number of matters, allegations are raised by beneficiaries against a financial administrator or attorney (a family member or independent) concerning the financial administration prior to the death of the deceased.

Often the beneficiaries only become aware of mismanagement by the financial administrator or attorney after the date of death. The allegations may include:

  • The misuse of assets for the benefit of the financial administrator or attorney. This may include personal assets and assets held in discretionary family trusts and corporate entities; and
  • The discovery of missing assets after the death of the deceased.

Depending on the length of time under financial administration, the investigation will involve Hall Chadwick Forensics historically analysing, reconciling and validating both receipts and outgoings relating to financial affairs of the deceased prior to the date of death.

To discuss your specific Will, Probate or Deceased Estate matters with a specialist forensic accountant please contact Hall Chadwick Forensics.