Single Touch Payroll Reporting Demystified

The way businesses report their employee payroll to the Tax Commissioner is about to change – significantly. From 1 July 2018, if you have 20 or more employees on your payroll as at April 1st 2018, you’ll need to use Single Touch Payroll-enabled software to report your tax and superannuation information to the Australian Tax [...]

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India Desk March 2018

In this March edition of India Desk, David writes about his recent business mission to India with fellow director Peter Pryn. We also take a look at the Union Budget 2018-19 and discuss the importance of understanding business cultures to be commercially successful. To learn more about doing business with India, please contact Peter [...]

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HCM News March 2018

Welcome to the March edition of HCM News We have compiled a number of important updates to help you understand your personal and business income tax obligations including: Draft legislation authorising the ATO to disclose business tax debt to credit bureaux ATO determines employee share scheme dividends are assessable as income Housing affordability measures legislated [...]

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Tax Time Monthly March 2018

In this March edition of Tax Time Monthly, we look at recent updates from the ATO that are most relevant to our clients including: Small business CGT concessions restricted to assets used in business - draft legislation released CGT changes for foreign residents Company tax cut Bill moves to Senate. To discuss any of [...]

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Changes to treatment of wind and solar power stations under FIRB

Corrs Chambers Westgarth Lawyers recently published an article on Changes to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Regulation 2015 (FIRB Regulations)[1], which sought to clarify the treatment of agricultural land used in connection with wind and solar power stations. It says in the article an acquisition of an interest in Australian land is a notifiable [...]

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Tax Time Monthly February 2018

In this edition of Tax Time Monthly, Hall Chadwick looks at last month’s tax issues: Highlights from US corporate tax reform Capital gains from foreign trusts taxed are assessable income CGT claims by small business Tax implications on trust vesting Dividend equivalent payments in Employee Share Schemes Please contact our Hall Chadwick Melbourne team [...]

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The 2018-19 Union Budget is set to transform India

Published with permission Neeraj Bhagat & Co in Mumbai. The Hon'ble Finance Minister of India presented the Union Budget 2018 on 1 February 2018. This year’s Budget was in line with the Government’s mission to transform India by strengthening agriculture, rural development, health, education, employment, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and infrastructure. Government [...]

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Counting the Cost of A Curve Ball

Contributed by Ian Gibson, Hall Chadwick Wealth Advisory Pty Ltd (AFSL 485306). Here’s a confronting question – or two: What would you do if the main breadwinner in your household could no longer bring in an income? Do you have a Plan B? Most people don’t. That’s where insurance comes in. Curve Balls They’re [...]

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Corporate Advisor Summer 2018

In the 2018 Summer issue of Corporate Advisor, we explain 14 financial-reporting, regulatory, and corporate-governance topics to inform and help CFOs and directors. We’re focusing mainly on regulatory issues that affect the preparation of 31 December reports – ASIC targets and its latest surveillance results. There are no significant new accounting standards that require [...]

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