Structural choices for expanding into the US – an issue-driven analysis

"We have published an article titled 'Structural Choices for Expanding into the US: An Issue-Driven Analysis' in The Tax Specialist.  The article explores the US, Australian, and treaty issues that arise from concurrent business operations in both countries.  It is awe-inspiring to sail down the confluence of the wild rivers of US [...]

2023-06-20T16:22:46+10:00June 20th, 2023|Tax Insights, Taxation|

Doing Business in Australia | Our Guide

An essential read for those tasked to undertake due diligence on entering or investing in the Australian market In the everchanging global economy, Australia provides immense opportunities for international business. The combination of a highly qualified work force, extensive infrastructure, natural resources and a familiar legal system to most parts of the world is [...]

Corporate Advisor Winter Edition 2022

The 13 financial reporting, corporate governance regulatory topics of crucial importance to CFOs and Directors this Winter. 30 June 2022 reporting is the focus. We detail ASIC-focus areas, the lessons from of its financial-reporting surveillance program, and changes to AFSL reporting. For many for-profit entities, this season sees the end of special purpose financial [...]

2022-07-14T15:09:18+10:00July 14th, 2022|Audit & Assurance|

Corporate Advisor for the CFO & Directors

We explain the corporate-governance, financial-reporting, and regulatory topics of crucial importance to CFOs and directors. Much has been happening of particular relevance to boards – director identification numbers, whistleblowing and breach reporting, fraud, wages underpayment, and climate change. Good news – there are no substantial new standards for 31 December. We’re focused on regulatory [...]

2022-10-18T14:34:13+11:00February 3rd, 2022|Audit & Assurance|

INSIGHTS: Innovation Stems From Collaboration

Innovation is one of the pinnacles of good business practice. However, sometimes innovation isn’t a process that can be achieved by one person alone. In business, some of the best ideas and practices that your business might achieve could occur through collaboration. Most businesses will have understood the impact and importance of internal collaboration [...]

2022-10-18T14:25:08+11:00October 22nd, 2021|Business Services, Business Update|

Restructure only means a setback to your business, not a closure

Restructure only means a setback to your business, not a closure: what the reforms could mean for your business With the demanding conditions that have plagued the retail industry, business owners need to be aware of all the restructuring options available. The misconceptions of formal restructures The idea of restructuring your business or reaching [...]

INSIGHTS: SaaS companies warrant different approaches to valuation

SaaS companies warrant different approaches to valuation and can be compared with eighteenth century steam engines (seriously). Why do accountants need some knowledge of SaaS companies? If you don’t have these kinds of clients today, you probably will in future. The SaaS business model is now well established. US-listed SaaS companies are now [...]

2022-10-18T14:09:29+11:00September 9th, 2021|Corporate Finance Advisory, Small Business SME|

TAX INSIGHTS: CGT discount for affordable housing

An additional 10% capital gains tax (CGT) discount may be available when you sell an Australian residential rental property that you used to provide affordable housing. This move will increase the maximum capital gains discount percentage on your sale from 50% up to 60%. For the affordable housing CGT discount purposes, affordable housing is any [...]

2022-10-18T14:00:49+11:00September 7th, 2021|Business Update, Tax Planning, Taxation|
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