Corporate Advisor for the CFO & Directors

In this issue of Corporate Advisor, we explain 13 corporate-governance, financial-reporting, and regulatory topics of crucial importance to CFOs and directors. Much has been happening of particular relevance to boards – director identification numbers, whistleblowing and breach reporting, fraud, wages underpayment, and climate change. Good news – there are no substantial new [...]

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TAX MATTERS November 2021

Welcome to Tax Matters November 2021. In this we cover the important considerations for businesses with their tax position as we move into 2022. We include: Destination Single Touch Payroll Phase 2. All Aboard Income or Gift? Undeclared Foreign Income The Second Payment Times Reporting The Right Way to Lodge an Objection [...]

2021-12-03T14:24:32+11:00November 26th, 2021|Business Services, Business Update|

After rent relief and property concessions: the tax implications

Property and tax is a tricky subject that goes beyond these rent relief measures and concessions. As the schemes start to dial back, it’s important to remember that tax and your dealings with property is an ongoing conversation you may need to revisit and reacquaint yourself with. Over the last 18 months, [...]

INSIGHTS: SME Business Matters | Strategies for your business

SME Business Matters | Strategies for your business Sentiments in the SME sector are heading in the right direction after the Delta hiccough. As we emerge from lockdown hibernation and the service and retail sectors open, the long awaited momentum is building. In this edition of SME Business Matters, we discuss: Implementing [...]

INSIGHTS: Innovation Stems From Collaboration – So How Can Your Business Get Involved?

Innovation is one of the pinnacles of good business practice. However, sometimes innovation isn’t a process that can be achieved by one person alone. In business, some of the best ideas and practices that your business might achieve could occur through collaboration. Most businesses will have understood the impact and importance of [...]

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NFPs and income tax exemption: Time to reassess self-assessment

There is a common misconception held by many NFPs that being a NFP, they are exempt from paying income tax. From 1 July 2023, the Self-Assessing NFP measures will change and those organisations who have incorrectly self-assessed as being income tax exempt may potentially expose themselves to retrospective penalties and interest charges. [...]

Restructure only means a setback to your business, not a closure

Restructure only means a setback to your business, not a closure: what the reforms could mean for your business With the demanding conditions that have plagued the retail industry over the past twelve months, business owners need to be aware of all the restructuring options available. COVID-19 has unfortunately resulted in reduced [...]

INSIGHTS: SaaS companies warrant different approaches to valuation

Hall Chadwick Director of Corporate Finance Mark Bailey discusses the reasons why Software as a Service (SaaS) companies warrant different approaches to valuation, and why they can be compared with eighteenth century steam engines (seriously). Why do accountants need some knowledge of SaaS companies? If you don’t have these [...]

2021-09-10T11:10:21+10:00September 9th, 2021|Corporate Finance Advisory, Small Business SME|
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